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EQC-Hantz can offer you a cost effective means to transport goods and high sea equipments. Our modern and state of the art  Tug boat can help you move your larger ships into hard to reach or manoeuvre harbours or waterways. They allow you to cut your power to a lower speed and be pushed or pulled into place or the right direction.


Our services include coastal and inland barge transportation, high seas towing and goods delivery, bulk and liquid transportation dual tug and barge services. At EQC-Hantz , we offer a very competitive cargo transport, construction support, environmental transportation and more.


Our services include:

> Ocean Towing

> Barge Leasing

> Marine Logistics

> Tankering Services

> Air & Safety Services

> Marine Event Management

> Government/Military Support

> Marine Construction Support

> Equipment Sale’s/Rental’s 

> Freight Hauling/PUC Services

> Crew boats/Launch/Water taxi services

> We build customized tugboats, barges, pushboats etc.


Marine Transportation and Towing


With over40 years in the marine transportation and towing business, Hantz & Co has the experience, personnel and fleet of tugs and barges to meet every towing need and challenge. Our fleet of tugboats is suitable for any and every towing need – large or small. With 800 – 7000 hp engines, longer, wider and heavier hulls providing increases stability puling capability and unobstructed visibility. Our tugs are unsurpassed for ship handling and power on the lakes.

Tug Services

EQC-Hantz provides tug services in the Baytown Area of Houston Texas, including the Port of Houston utilizing technologically advanced and powerful tugs along with experienced crews. Tugboats are available to assist in the docking, undocking and towing of container ships, car carriers, tankers and other types of vessels as they enter and leave this Pacific West Coast harbor gateway. Tanker escorts can also be performed to ensure safe passage in and out of the Bay. The company also provides short and long haul Ocean towing throughout the U.S. Pacific Coast and around the world.  


Harbor & Ocean Towing

Tankering Service/Air&Safety/Industrial Cleaning

Barges/Push Boats/Tugboats/Supply Boat

Freight Hauling/PUC Services

Crew Boat/Launch/Water Taxi Services

Specialty Vessels & Marine Equipment Sales

We Build Customized Tugboats, Barges, Pushboats etc.